There are lots of free resources available online for people interested in BDSM. If you have a good link to add to this compilation, please contact Sadey.

Beginner’s Resources
Good food for thought for some ‘experts’, too.

Stuff for Submissives
  • Submissive Guide – a magazine style resource frequently updated with essays, tips, etc. Note that not all of the authors who contribute are excellent, and certainly not all of them are BDSM experts. Nonetheless, a useful site to check out on occasion.
Stuff for everyone
  • Fetlife – an online community of kinksters.
  • Sex Resources from Violet Blue (including sexual health and emotional support resources, and a big bunch of porn links, erotica authors, and sexy things)
  • Health and Safety – articles on physical and psychological heath, and practicing BDSM in a safe and sane way.

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