About Sadey

Sadey Quinn is a writing nomad, a goofball, a smut peddler and a lover of all things good and sexy (like orgasms!). She writes BDSM and spanking fiction, sometimes dabbling in romance for loves and hugs.

She’s writing, reading, wine and beer drinking, vegetable-cooking, and all around fun-having…Sadey has a dirty mouth and a dirty mind. She’ll take adventure over boredom and loves to get into the good kind of trouble.

Ms. Quinn is a new addition to the Austin, Texas community of weird-os.

Writing and Sexuality

Like many men and women, I spend a lot of time thinking about sex. As I doze off, when I wake up, when I’m on a bus, or in a car, or waiting in line. Or when I see beautiful people and think about what I’d do with them… So, pretty much whenever I’m not doing something, I’m thinking about sex.

I could shove my thoughts aside. I could feel ashamed. But instead – what the hell, I write about it! A lot of my work has a BDSM theme, or at least an undertone of power play between dominants and submissives. BDSM is what I know and how I relate to sex. And, a lot of the topics I write about come from my own personal experience and my sexuality. My first novel is about a young female submissive who meets her Master and learns about submission. When I write about her, I think about my own life and how I discovered myself, and my submission.

Personal Life

Occasionally I post about my personal encounters and play in the BDSM realm. You can find them under the category: Reality.

And, sometimes I post fun fantasies. Those are under the category: Fantasy.


Buying gifts for struggling authors is fun! Really, it is! Here’s Sadey’s WishList.

6 responses to “About Sadey

  1. richard walton

    i enjoyed your BDSM story. it was nicely paced and i could follow all the people in it. it was almost like i was in the room with them. i look forward for more of your work. Richard

  2. Hi Sadey, I wanted to let you know that your writing is AMAZING. I finished Under Order in one short day. I can’t wait for the sequel, you have a fan for life. =) Thank you for sharing with us!

    • Lyon,
      Thanks so much for the wonderful compliment! I’m sincerely glad you enjoyed Under Order. As my first erotic novel, I’m always doubting myself. It is really helpful to hear from fans.
      xoxo Sadey

  3. turnmeon69

    Hello, Sadey. Butterfly said I should check out your blog. It’s great so far.

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