Sadey Quinn has written three novels, two novellas, and a collection of short stories. More books are on the way! Check out what’s available below. Some of her books are set in Rock Creek, a BDSM community. Some of her books are domestic discipline themed. Others are kinky fun in the form of science fiction and historical fiction.

Rock Creek

Rock Creek is a kinky intentional community.

Under Order and Social Service are the first two novels in the series: Heather’s Journey.

Spanktastic is a collection of erotic spanking stories set in Rock Creek.

Heather's Journey: Under Order and Social Service  |  Spanktastic: 22 Spanking Stories

Heather’s Journey: Under Order and Social Service | Spanktastic: 22 Spanking Stories

Domestic Discipline

David and Rachel explore spankings and domestic discipline together in Under His Roof and Taking His Hand.


More Kinky Fun!

Slaves on Pertz is edgy, kinky science fiction.
Odyssey for Passion is a slave’s journey from village to compound to city. Coming Spring 2013.


10 responses to “Books

  1. susan

    just read “Under His Roof” and loved it…hoping for a sequel??

  2. nicole

    Just finished Under His Roof and it was great. Looking forward to the sequel and honestly, wondering how Rachel will deal with Davids clients. I would have a really REALLY hard time with that.

  3. nicole

    After reading Under His Roof (and loving it) I decided to see what else you had out there. I read Under Order first and again was very impressed and quickly purchased the sequel, Social Service. That book was AMAZING! I loved how descriptive it was and how complex and interesting all of the different members of the community were. Can’t wait for your next installment.

  4. Karen Thill

    Edited to remove a spoiler.

    i just finished reading Under Order and was absolutely blown away! One of the best books depicting the training of a slave! There were so many twists toward the end and i was shocked at the ending! Can’t wait to read Social Service. i want to live in Rock Creek!

  5. Trish Royal

    I have had a great week!! I just finished reading ‘Under His Roof’; ‘Under Order’ and ‘Social Service’. I think all 3 of them are outrageously good reads that contain relationships that you just want to keep reading about. They are completely compelling. I don’t know anything about BDSM except what I have read, but I was pleased and appreciative of the strong, romantic (yes, romantic) relationships included in all three books. Heather, Mark and Rebecca are wonderfully strong, mentally stable characters that I loved reading about. I’m waiting anxiously for sequels to both storylines!

  6. necole

    Finished Under Order and immediately bought Social Service. Finished both in two days, and i have a full time job! Please tell me there is a third!? So mad I waited to check out the website to find out Social Service is free tomorrow.

    • I know that Heather’s story needs a third, but I haven’t started that one yet. I am working on a Rock Creek book right now though, and be sure to check out Spanktastic. 🙂

  7. Karen Thill

    Wow! Just got Social Service for free from Amazon! i read Under Order and really wanted to read the sequel…now i get to read it for free!

  8. Kathy Lewis

    I just finished Social Service and was blown away. I enjoyed reading about BDSM. This book took it a step further with being a slave not just a submissive. Your details were phenomenal and could feel the emotions of all the characters. Can’t wait to read more.

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