Social Service

Social ServiceHeather Green has just moved to Rock Creek: a kink-friendly BDSM community. This story is about her first six weeks with the community and her owners.

She is introduced, she is shared, and she feels more owned than ever.

Meanwhile, the community is preparing for Saturnalia, an annual event where the Masters and slaves switch places for a day. What will happen when everything turns upside down?

This is a sequel to Under Order. It is not necessary to have read Under Order to enjoy this book.

Social Service contains graphic descriptions of sexual scenes. It is intended for adults only.


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Chapter One: Linda

I was standing at the shuttle stop, trying not to think about my skirt which had been unceremoniously yanked up around my waist just a moment before. Mark smiled mischievously as he bared my ass to anyone who cared to look. My face was hot with shame.

I wished he let me wear panties. Or a thong. Or a g-string. Any simple scrap of modesty would have been appreciated.

The collar you wear has a small chip in it,” Mark said. “Your location will be known and tracked at all times.”

I nodded, barely hearing him. I was tired and confused. Just last night Mark had torn my world apart. Now I was on my way to work. I wished I could curl up in bed and sleep for hours. Ignoring what was happening to me seemed like a better plan than anything else.

I’ve granted all of the high-level dominants rights to play with you,” he continued. “I expect you to obey them. If I find that you’ve been punished for disobedience, I will punish you again when you return home.”

Yes, sir,” I said automatically.

Because you’re new you will find that a lot of attention is paid to you. This is common, and shouldn’t last more than a few months. Soon you’ll blend in like everyone else. Any command you receive today must be followed by the word linda. If you don’t hear the word, you don’t need to obey the command. I highly doubt anyone would try messing with you without my permission. If it happens, you must tell me. Playing with a collared slave without permission from the owner is a serious crime here. Clear?”

Linda?” I asked. I was more confused than ever and slightly nauseous.

It means ‘beautiful’ in Spanish,” Mark said. He sounded impatient. “Do you understand that you are to obey anyone who says that word in your presence?”

Yes, sir.”


We waited silently for a moment. I stared into space and let all of my thoughts race through my head. Rock Creek. Signing contracts. New job. Mark. Erik.


How could they do this to me?

Heather, I’m proud of you,” said Mark. “You will adjust and feel more at home every day. This is just… well, as you know, this is all moving very fast. For all of us. There was pressure from your firm and of course our own impatience to consider. But I know you well, and you will be fine. You’ll be great today, I promise.” He lifted my head to face him directly. I looked into his eyes. They were kind, compassionate, and full of grace.

I marveled at how his eyes could always make me feel right and at ease.

Thank you, sir,” I said sincerely.

Today will be good for you, Heather. I’m glad you’re going to work. Focusing and being by yourself will help you. But remember, Heather, you are never alone. You are never on your own,” Mark said. His voice went from kind and smooth to a rough growl, making a shiver run up my spine. “You’re here because of a number of reasons, but above all, you must never forget that you are owned.”

Yes, Master. I understand,” I said.

You are reporting to Erik this morning, is that correct?” Mark asked. His fingers traced lines above my ass.

Yes, sir,” I said, quivering under his touch. His kind eyes turned to stones and were impossible to read.

Very good, my pet. I am sure you will have an interesting day. If you have any trouble or need anything, I’ll have my phone with me. All of the people who have permission to play with you know your safeword, and know more about you than you could even imagine. They also all know that this is your first day of work, and your first full day here at the community. You’ll mostly be left alone.”

Yes, sir. Thank you,” I replied, feeling slightly relieved. Just then the shuttle van pulled up. I checked my watch: eight o’clock exactly.

Good girl,” he said, smiling at me. I turned to step into the van, but before I could move Mark’s arm wrapped around my waist. He quickly bent me over and smacked me hard four times on my bare ass. I yelped more from surprise than pain.

He righted my posture, pulled my skirt into place, and pushed me towards the van.

Have a good day,” he said.

I climbed into the shuttle, my face burning red. I fished my new account card out of my purse and handed it to the driver. He was grinning.

Where are you going?” he asked.

Downtown, Section A.”

He swiped the card and handed it back.

Six other people were on the mini-bus with me. I was relieved that none of them really even looked at me when I took my seat. I gazed out the window, watching the houses fly by as we made our way to Section A, making various stops along the way.

Over and over my mind repeated, “Mark and Rebecca. Mark is married. Mark and Rebecca.” I couldn’t believe I’d been manipulated in so many ways over the last year. I felt slightly queasy thinking about Rebecca. Last night, when I arrived, I was so exhausted and confused that I didn’t really process the entire situation I had just been introduced to. I was Mark’s slave yesterday. Today, I belonged to both of them. And Mark wasn’t my single suitor. He wasn’t my exclusive Master. He was Rebecca’s husband.

The shuttle halted to a quick stop and a young woman climbed on board. She slid in next to me.

Hello, Heather,” she said, placing her hand on my leg.

I shifted a bit, moving away from her. “Hello,” I replied.

Don’t move away, darling. You are, as they said, quite linda,” she said. When I heard the magic word I froze, unsure what to do next.

My name is Mistress Lacy,” she said. “Rebecca told me about you. You’re even more beautiful in person than she described.”

I looked around us, wondering if anyone was listening in as she spoke.

Thank you, Mistress Lacy,” I replied respectfully.

She ran her fingers up my torso, stopping to play with my nipples through my blouse. “Rebecca and Mark seem to think you to be quite a novice at submission. Is this true, Heather?” she asked, pinching each of my nipples lightly.

I… I guess it is,” I said.

Hmm,” she drawled, making circles around each of my nipples which were now poking out against the fabric of my blouse. “Well, I’m thrilled that we will share the bus in the morning. On the way out, you see, we’re on Section B rules. When we get to the gate, we must behave. But for the next few minutes… I think I’d like to see you without your shirt on, Heather.”

I wanted to cry, I was so ashamed. Everyone else on the bus was studying their newspaper or listening to headphones. None of them were engaging in anything at all sexual. But I knew I was expected to obey. I knew I must do as I was told.

Yes, Mistress Lacy,” I whispered. My shaking hands unbuttoned my blouse until it fell open, exposing my breasts.

All the way off, silly Heather,” she said, helping me pull my arms out of the blouse. “You have such pretty breasts. Round and full, a nice big handful. What are you, 34-B?”

I nodded.

Very pretty,” she said.

Want her up here?” called the driver from the front. Startled, I looked to what he was referring to. He pushed down a small padded seat in the front that faced the entire bus. My stomach turned with dread.

Not today, Stu. Thanks.” Mistress Lacy turned to look at me. My nipples were both rock hard from a combination of her stimulation and the chill of the morning air.

She watched me as I sat quietly until we pulled up to the gate, where she handed me my blouse and told me simply, “Put it on.”

For the rest of the ride she didn’t engage with me, neither with conversation nor touch. She got off a few stops before downtown and ignored my attempt to say good-bye.

Feeling confused and nervous, I decided to get off the bus a stop early in order to get more of a feel for Section A and the neighborhoods around the office building. I walked through the park that I knew I could see from my personal office, enjoying the breeze and the fresh air. I loved the feel of the quaint downtown; it was like a main-street of a small mid-western town. There was no evidence at all of kinky activities. Around the corner I found a little coffee shop, and using my new account card I ordered myself and Erik a latte. Unless he had been deceiving me about his tastes, I could order for him better than nearly anyone else in my life.

At the door to my law firm, I took a deep breath before walking inside. Be calm, I said to myself. I knew in my heart I’d do fine. I would excel here as I had at the city branch. But starting anything new always comes with a feeling of uncertainty. Especially considering Erik’s new role in my life.

Inside, the receptionist greeted me warmly.

Good morning Heather,” she said, handing me a couple of file folders. “I’m Steph. I can help you with any basic questions you have today. Also, a few of us are going to lunch together. If you want you’re welcome to join us.” She smiled at me.

Though I’d seen her yesterday, today I really looked at Steph for the first time. She was a beautiful woman. She had dark skin with jet black hair that fell in tight curls down past her shoulders. Her face was long and thin and her features were sharp.

Thanks, Steph,” I said.

Erik was in his office speaking on the phone. He motioned me inside. I took a seat in front of his desk and slid his latte over to him.

His office was the same size as mine, more or less, and furnished fairly equally as well. It was clear from how much stuff had accumulated that Erik had been working here for a long time.

After a few minutes, he hung up the phone and looked at me. His arms were folded casually across his chest, his tie loose. I was curious how he would act, who the real Erik was. Just a week ago, he was my casual office-mate at the other branch. There, he was almost a friend. I felt hurt to find out that he deceived me. He had been spying on me, making sure I was right for this branch.

You know, Heather,” he began, “I’m still the guy you knew at the city branch.”

But… it’s different,” I responded, my voice cracking and betraying my emotions.

Yes, it is. You’ll adjust. Go close and lock the door.”

I stood, my legs shaking, and shut his office door. The click of the lock sent a shiver down my spine. I turned around, staying put near the door, waiting for further instruction.

Erik still sat at his desk, watching me carefully. “What do you think would help you learn your place here, Heather?” he asked.

I don’t know,” I replied softly, staring at my feet.

Strip, linda,” he said, his voice steady. My stomach turned and I looked over to him, searching his expression for a clue. When Mark gave me an order, his face became stern and hard. With Erik, his face gave nothing away. No emotion, no lust.

I slipped off my skirt and unbuttoned my blouse while Erik watched. I knew I had no choice. Disobeying him was the same as disobeying Mark. The consequences for direct disobedience would be severe.

I wondered how many times Erik had imagined this day as we worked together for so many months.

Step out of your shoes, too,” he said. His voice was quiet. Calm.

I slipped off my heels. I folded my clothes and placed them on the seat of a chair by the door. Shrugging away my instinct to cover up my body, I stood before him, my hands by my side, completely naked.

Erik rose and walked over to me. I had always thought of us as the same height, but without my heels he seemed to tower over me. His face was close to mine, three inches away at most. He placed his hands on my waist.

Heather, you are a slave. You are also a very talented lawyer. It will, at times, be difficult for you to grasp how to manage these two very different worlds. I think it became difficult for you at the city branch these last few weeks. Would you agree?”

I nodded. A month ago I had finally begun to see the role of slave as real. Before that it was sort of a game. Role-play. But Mark had helped me understand myself. I was a slave.

You may address me as sir, Heather,” Erik said, his grip tightening around my waist.

Yes, sir,” I whispered.

So,” he continued, “these feelings present an interesting problem that I think we can tackle together. First, you will be subject to regular corporal discipline here at the office. Most of the team here is BDSM friendly. You’ll learn who you are expected to submit to with time. Of the people at the firm who practice BDSM, the majority are dominant. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering our field. I will be the main person who you will report to, and I will be the one dishing out the majority of your discipline. But in the event that I’m unavailable, you will retain utmost respect for the others here who demand your obedience and submission. Is this clear?”

Yes, sir.”

Good. Secondly, you must never forget that, even though you are a lawyer, you are more importantly a slave. You will have humility. You will not balk at any task, no matter how trivial. You are not too good for anything.”

Yes, sir,” I said, swallowing hard.

Good. Finally, I will require that you submit to me, at the end of the day, at least one thing you could have done better. I don’t care if it’s something small. We are all working on self-improvement, and you will improve daily. This will help both your service and your humility. Is that clear?”

Yes, sir.”

Erik let go of my waist and stepped back. His expression finally changed, his calmness giving way to lust. I watched as his eyes wandered over my body.

It will be a pleasure to put you in your place, Heather. Though you never said it directly, I know you thought you were a hot-shot lawyer back at the city branch. And of course, you are a remarkable lawyer. But god… I can’t wait to humiliate you to your fucking core.”

My stomach turned when Erik said this, though I felt the familiar tingle in my pussy. My mind ran over the possibilities of what he might do to me, or what he might make me do. My heart was beating hard. What had Mark given him permission to do with me? Would Erik fuck me? Make me give him a blow job? I was helpless and at his mercy.

Lay on the floor, on your back,” he said, walking over to his bookcase and opening a drawer. His floor was tiled, but near the desk was a pretty woven rug. I lay down on the rug, stretching out. He returned to my side.

Knees to your chest.”

Yes, sir,” I said, groaning inwardly. I pulled my legs up to my chest knowing that my ass and cunt were exposed to Erik’s eyes.

Spank yourself,” he said. He pulled a chair up beside me and sat down, waiting.

Wha… what?” I asked, confused.

Use your hand and spank yourself on your ass, Heather. This isn’t rocket science.”

My face burned red imagining the view he was getting. I began to spank myself with my right hand.

Harder,” he urged. “This only ends when I think you’ve been well spanked. And I don’t plan on helping you.”

Oh, Erik… please,” I moaned, wanting to disappear.

Address me with respect, slave,” he said, glaring down at me. He leaned back in his chair, fondling his cock through his pants as he watched me spank my own ass.

I closed my eyes and continued smacking my butt, wondering how long he would make me do this. I wished he would just spank me himself… that would have been humiliating enough. I was kind of annoyed. He was probably doing this simply to prove that he could make me do whatever he commanded.

My arm is so tired, sir,” I whispered after what felt like forever. I hoped he would consider my bottom well-spanked.

OK. You can use this, now,” he said, handing me a flat wooden spatula. “You’ll be able to spank yourself just as hard but using less arm strength. And Heather, you need to give yourself a very firm spanking. I want your butt to be red for the better part of the morning. If I need to assist you, you’ll be a very sorry little girl. So spank yourself, hard.”

I choked back tears. The pain on my ass was nothing compared to the embarrassment I felt. I spanked myself in earnest, praying that the slapping sound of the wood against my skin wasn’t able to be heard outside of his office. Finally, when I did not think I could raise my arm again, Erik grabbed my wrist.

That’s enough. Get dressed.”

I stood up awkwardly and put on my skirt and blouse. Erik took the seat behind his desk and began leafing through the folders I had been given by Steph.

Thanks for the latte, Heather,” he said, smiling up at me.

You’re welcome, sir,” I replied, pulling on my heels. I looked around for a mirror but there was none.

So, for today, I need you to take a look at these contracts. They’re for some of our newer applicants. Contract law is a bitch, Heather. And it’s some of the most important work we do. I also want you to look through our main contracts that we use for home and land ownership and community relationships. You need to be extremely familiar with them, and you need to be able to explain the gist of them to any prospective homeowners or residents.”

I nodded. Our boss, Mr. Richards, had already explained that a lot of my work would be in contract law. And, like Erik mentioned, I knew it would be tough work. That was why they were paying me so well.

I’ll expect you here every morning at nine sharp. You will leave every day at five, checking in with me before you go. We don’t have our lawyers work ridiculous hours here, unless we have some extreme priorities. You, Heather, are not allowed to work late unless you get specific permission.”

Yes, sir,” I mumbled. My workaholic personality would have a tough time adjusting to the hours. Erik had to know that; he very rarely worked later than me back at the city branch. I was accustomed to putting in over seventy hours per week. Cutting back by nearly half would be a struggle.

OK. Get to work.” Erik turned to his computer, dismissing me.

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  1. Agi

    I liked this book but Heather’s Mormon family mystery was never solved or explained. Will there be another book in this series? I hope so because I really want to know the secret history.

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