Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00003]Twenty-two erotic spanking stories with one thing in common: Women get spanked!

These stories are set in Rock Creek, a BDSM kink-friendly community. Each story offers something different: disciplinarians, sexy erotic scenarios, punishments, lots of pleasure, and more.

Join the chastised women who are sentenced to time on the conveyor belt. Hike with four young friends who have fun teasing and spanking each other. Enjoy Lily’s humiliating introduction to Rock Creek as she crawls through the spanking train. Cringe with Raj as his wife is caned for a community infraction.

Open Spanktastic and discover a world filled with innocence and romance, discipline and desires.

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After-hours at Asadero Bar

Nights at the Asadero Bar and Grill are usually pretty low-key. We’re in Section A of Rock Creek, so we get some parents in who are having their date night, families, or sports fans who want to watch the game without being pestered by anyone at home. In some ways it’s like a sports pub in any other town; just a little kinkier around the edges. We’re never that crowded, so I usually work alone with Jake and Christina. I waitress and Christina tends the bar. Jake, the manager, floats between the kitchen and the bar, depending on the time of night.

Christina and I normally get pretty great tips. We think it’s due to our awesome service and our hot outfits. Jake picked out new uniforms a few months ago and immediately my tips doubled. We wear tight blue miniskirts paired with black thigh-high stockings. Our white blouses show off ample cleavage and, when I know I’m catching a customer’s eye, I make sure to bend down just a bit more than necessary to give him a nice view of my breasts. We wear our hair back in tight ponytails. No earrings or jewelry are permitted due to health codes. The outfits are simple, but they do the trick.

Most nights go really smoothly. But near closing time last Friday, I was ready to explode with frustration. Christina and I had been butting heads all night. She was messing up my drink orders and I, in turn, had spilled about five of the drinks she’d made me throughout the evening. Jake and I weren’t doing any better. Normally we have zero customer complaints about the food, but that Friday I felt like every single table had something negative to say. I’d screwed up the orders for three of the tables, and two other tables actually sent their food back, making Jake re-make it.

I said goodbye to my last table and was very ready to get the hell out and go home. But I knew I had to help Christina and Jake. Though the kitchen was closed, the bar was still full and we needed everyone there to help shut down and send customers on their way. We were all glaring at each other, we were all exhausted, and, well, we just weren’t being very nice people.

I was at the cash register closing out the tabs when Jake slid in behind me. I shivered a little bit feeling him so close to me – Jake is a gorgeous human being. I nearly creamed my panties when he whispered, “No one goes home until we talk about what happened here tonight. We will clean up and then I want to have a word with both of you.”

Jake doesn’t own the bar, but he manages all of the accounting and has authority to hire and fire as he pleases. The only other time he’d asked me to stay after work was when I had arrived forty minutes late for my shift. He gave me two options: quit or be punished.

Ever since that night, being punished by Jake has been my number one fantasy. My heart was beating hard as I finished at the cash register, imagining being spanked again by my husky, tall, dirty-blond haired co-worker.

When the last customer walked out the door, Jake was there to lock up and draw the curtain. He clicked off the main lights and all three of us were left in the half-dark room, lit only by the Christmas lights and the neon bar signs that hung on all the walls. We had about a half hour of cleaning to do. Jake selected soft music on the jukebox to play while we worked.

I was putting the chairs on top of the tables so I could sweep and mop the floor when Christina made her way over to me.

“Did Jake tell you to stay after tonight?” she whispered. Jake was in the kitchen out of earshot.

“Yeah,” I said.

“What’s that mean?”

I shrugged and smiled. “It means it was a rough night and he’s angry. And he might take it out on us.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Interesting.”

After I finished mopping the floor I helped Christina put away the cleaned pint glasses behind the bar. Jake was done in the kitchen and came out to the front room.

He stood in front of the bar, his hands crossed over his chest, and watched us as we finished. None of us spoke and the music stopped playing, leaving us in uncomfortable silence. Christina and I were done but we found more things to do to avoid meeting Jake’s stern gaze.

“Christina, I called Tim,” Jake said.

Both of us jumped when his voice broke the silence. Christina whirled around to face him. “What? Why?”

“I wanted his permission to spank you,” Jake replied. “I’ve already got it for her,” he added, pointing to me. I blushed and nodded.

“What did Tim say?” Christina asked.

Jake laughed and just looked at us both. I was trembling and hot as hell – Jake could do anything to me as far as I was concerned. My husband takes good care of me but Jake, well… he’s just a hundred percent man. Even though I’d worked with him for over a year, I still fantasized during every single shift of ripping his shirt off and jumping his bones.

“Come around the bar, girls,” Jake said.

We did as we were told. We stood against the naked bar; the bar stools had long been stacked away in the corner of the room. Christina grabbed my hand and squeezed it. I wondered if she was scared or if she looked forward to this like I did.

“That was quite a night, wasn’t it?” he asked.

We nodded and said, “Yes,” in unison.

“Christina, how many drinks did you mess up tonight?” he asked.

“Several, Jake.”

“And how many meal orders did you get wrong?” he asked me.

“Several, Jake.”

Jake stepped forward and grabbed my hips. A moan escaped my lips as I finally felt his strong hands on my body once again. He ran his hands over my stomach, my breasts, and down to my thighs and ass. He wasn’t being shy and wasn’t playing nice and I loved it. I closed my eyes and my head tilted back and I was in heaven.

“Turn around,” he said as he spun me around to face the bar. “You too,” he said to Christina.

Christina whimpered as Jake turned his attention to her body. I stared jealously at her as he repeated his treatment on her petite frame. His crotch was at her ass and I wondered if he was hard and, if he was, could she feel it? He spent a long time massaging her breasts and she was moaning too. Her face was flushed and her lips were parted. When she turned toward me her eyes said that she was surprised by this. Christina had only worked at the bar for a couple of months – Jake hadn’t treated her this way before.

He grabbed her skirt and lifted it up, exposing her ass. She wore a thong and the thin material snaked its way into her butt cheeks, hiding almost nothing from our view. She looked good like that; the thigh high black stockings giving us only a small window of skin between them and her blue skirt. Jake slapped her bottom once, hard, before coming back to me.

His hand pressed down on my upper back, forcing me over the bar. My feet couldn’t reach the floor anymore and I grabbed the edge of the bar for support – not that I needed to, since one of Jake’s hands held me firmly in place. He yanked up my skirt. I wasn’t wearing any panties and he paused for a moment. I hoped he was admiring my naked ass and I wiggled it a little for him.

“Stop that,” he said. “You aren’t wearing panties!”

His expression sounded shocked but I assumed he was playing around.

“That is a dress code violation,” he continued. “Tonight you’ll be punished for your behavior, and next week I will punish you again for this. Bad girl.”

My juices were really flowing now and I was ecstatic that he planned to spank me not once but twice. “I’m sorry Jake,” I whimpered, wiggling my ass some more. “Please don’t punish me twice.”

Jake ignored my plea and spanked me hard while Christina, bent over beside me, watched in horror. She knew she was next. I gazed at her as I got spanked and the expressions on her face were priceless – it made me even hornier knowing she was nervously anticipating her spanking.

His slaps on my ass felt so good. I bit my lip to keep from moaning in pleasure. It was a punishment, after all. My legs kicked the air as he worked my bottom hard, spanking me all the way down to my mid thighs. God, I hoped he would make my ass so red that the marks would last until tomorrow. My husband should see them when I got home.

“Stay put,” he said to me. He slowly released the tension on my lower back and I adjusted and strengthened my hold onto the bar with my arms. My legs dangled freely.

Jake moved over to Christina. She looked terrified and whimpered to him, “Please, Jake, I’m so sorry. I promise I’ll do better. I just got really confused tonight and it was so busy and people were being so mean.”

He cocked his head to the side and waited for her to stop whining. Then he pointed to the bar and said, “Get into position, Christina.”

She groaned and stomped her foot on the floor. I smiled as I watched her frustration.

Jake, however, did not smile. He glared at her and I could tell he was annoyed with her hesitation to obey. He picked her up, her skirt still around her waist, and dumped her onto the bar. He gave her no time to adjust and spanked her hard, much harder than he had spanked me. Christina cried out and begged for mercy, her legs kicked wildly and her fists pounded on the bar. She was trying to pound out the pain.

“Hold… fucking… still!” said Jake as he spanked her. He yanked down her thong and she wailed in misery. Her legs making scissor kicks on top of the bar gave Jake and I a nice view of her pretty trimmed cunt. If only she’d hold still, she would save some of her dignity.

But Christina could not hold still.

Finally Jake stopped and Christina relaxed on the bar, breathless. Slow tears ran down her face. Her face was bright red and her bottom was, too. Jake picked her up off the bar and set her down on her feet.

“Put your hands behind your head,” he told her. She obeyed, whimpering.

He turned to me. “Stand up and take off all your clothes.”

I jumped to my feet and stripped quickly. I wished he would take off his clothes, too.

My nipples were hard and I knew my pussy lips were probably obviously swollen and glistening with my juices. Jake looked me up and down and licked his lips. He flicked each of my rock hard nipples with his fingers and I groaned in pleasure. I wanted to beg him to touch me more, anywhere, please, but I obediently stood still and waited as patiently as I could.

“Now you, Christina. Clothes off,” he said without taking his eyes off me. She whined softly but obeyed, slowly unbuttoning her tight blouse and disrobing for Jake. When she had all of her clothes off she stood shivering, scared and cold. I’d never seen her naked before and she looked both amazing and pitiful in her current state.

I was so hot and horny that any shivering my body did was out of pure pleasure.

Jake turned his attention to my poor co-worker. He spoke softly and steadily. “Christina, what happens to her will also happen to you. Know that while you watch this.”

I was delighted that he was making her even more nervous and my pussy clenched a little when she whimpered. He turned back to me and forcibly turned me around. He placed my hands on the bar and lifted me and groped me until I was positioned how he liked. My hands were shoulder width apart, and my arms stretched straight out to hold on to the bar. I was bent over and my butt was on display, my feet far apart. I arched my back because I knew he’d like that, and was rewarded with a soft, “Good girl.”

The sound of his belt whooshing out of the belt-loops of his pants made me moan and made Christina cry out loudly. I stifled a laugh when I looked at her: her eyes were wide, her mouth was gaping, and her hands were instinctively covering her behind.

I was happy I would feel the kiss of Jake’s belt and only a little sad that it wouldn’t be his firm, rough hands. He doubled the leather over in two and swung the belt against his thigh. The crack made both Christina and I jump.

“How many times do you think I should hit you with my belt for your behavior tonight?” he asked me.

“As many as you want, Jake,” I said.

He swung hard and hit the very center of my ass. I cried out loudly and thrust my ass back for more. Again, the leather kissed my cheeks, hitting just below his first strike and a delectable pain coursed through my body. I arched my back as much as I could. Beat me, I thought to myself but I kept quiet. All of the annoyances of the evening’s shift rushed out of my body as I was overtaken by lust and pain. Every stroke of the belt on my skin erased one of the rude remarks from the customers, the wrong orders, and the badly mixed drinks from the bar.

I took the beating well and looked over to Christina often. She was crying, her mouth still open wide in disbelief. Her hands were clutched in front of her now, her arms shaking. The poor thing was miserable and terrified.

Too bad she couldn’t look on the bright side like me.

After fifteen lashes from Jake’s leather belt, he stopped. He rubbed my ass and I pushed back into his hands, begging him with my body to touch me more. His hand slid between my legs and felt my pussy. He squeezed each lip and flicked my clit.

“I’m going to need your help with Christina,” he said. I stood and went to the other side of the bar while Jake positioned the unwilling girl the way he wanted her. He was rough with her and she was struggling, the fear of the beating overtook any common sense that she should just submit.

“Christina,” I said firmly, “just relax. It’ll be worse if you struggle like this. It’s not like you can get away. Face the music, baby.” I grabbed both of her wrists and held her tight, leaving Jake with only her legs to worry about. She glared at me for helping him.

I just shrugged. Christina didn’t know I was actually helping her.

Jake stood back far from her body to avoid her kicking legs. “Hold still, Christina,” he said. “If I hit you where I want to hit you, this won’t be that bad. But if I mess up and hit you somewhere else because you’re struggling like this, I could injure you.”

She wailed and renewed her kicking and struggling and Jake rolled his eyes. He pulled a chair down from a nearby table and sat to wait for her to relax. Two minutes later, Christina had finally calmed down and was breathing deeply, resting her head on the bar. She heard Jake stand up and tensed but did not struggle.

I watched Jake intently, enjoying the smooth movements of his body as he prepared to beat Christina. His arms, his chest… everything damn thing about him was so masculine. I wished it was me instead of Christina, and if I thought he’d let me switch with her and take two beatings rather than her taking one, I would have.

But I could see his cock was hard under his pants and I knew he was looking forward to having some time with Christina’s ass.

He raised the belt in the air and I tightened my grip on her wrists. The moment the leather cracked against her skin she screamed bloody murder and tears rolled from her face onto the bar.

Jake didn’t waste time and gave her stroke after stroke with his belt. I guessed he was whacking her with much less intensity then he did to me, but I couldn’t tell for sure. One thing I did know was that Christina’s mind was making this much worse on her than Jake was. I wished I could slap some sense into her and help her calm down but, clearly, that wouldn’t do a lot of good.

When her fifteen strokes were up she collapsed onto the bar, her body wracked with sobs. Jake pulled her up and engulfed her into a huge hug and I looked on with jealousy. He hadn’t hugged me after my beating and I took it much better than her. He held her for a long time until she finally stopped crying.

To my surprise, when he broke away from the hug she sniffled a tiny bit and then said, “Thank you, Jake, for punishing me.”

“You’re welcome, Christina. Get dressed and wait in my office for me.”

My envy grew stronger – Jake was going to spend more time with her. In his office. I wanted to be in his office. I frowned and turned my gaze to the floor.

Christina dressed quickly and scampered off. Still naked, I finally looked back up to Jake. He was smiling. “I’m just driving her home,” he explained. “Tim warned me that she’s nuts after she gets spanked. He asked me to take her home to be sure she’s OK. But you, my dear, need a little bit more before I send you on your way.”

My heart skipped a beat and my spirit soared. Jake grabbed me and pulled me to him and molested every single part of my body while I moaned and writhed with glee. He sat down on the chair and pulled me over his lap, all of his motions so smooth and controlling that I barely noticed the position I was in until I felt the first smack on my ass.

Jake spanked me hard, his arm unyielding and strong, for what felt like forever at the time but now just feels like a brief moment. The sting of his slaps knocked more juices out of my cunt and I wiggled and moaned on his lap. I hoped I wasn’t staining his pants. He held my waist with his strong hand but he didn’t need to; I would stay in place for him. When he finally stopped we were both breathless and I went limp over his lap, exhausted and satiated.

He pulled me up and stood in front of me. Smiling. Beautiful Jake.

“I’m going to find reasons to spank you more often,” he said. Bending down, he retrieved my clothes. “Put these on.”

I reluctantly dressed and, when I had my purse in hand and was ready to go, Jake hugged me. Hard and soft was this hug, and I reveled in it. I reveled in his strong chest, his muscular arms, everything about him. He pecked me on my forehead and patted my butt.

“Go home,” he said. “And don’t screw up so much next time you work. If you do, then I won’t spank you.”

I wore a huge grin when I walked out of the bar. Jake had discovered the key to motivating me.

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