Slaves on Pertz

Slaves on Pertz 2-3The year is 2042 AD and a new shipment of human slaves has just arrived on the planet Pertz.

When the men and women get off the spacecraft, they find themselves in a human society where normal rules of Earthling society are no longer relevant.

They are committed to a lifetime of serving the strange aliens called Jaigans who demand constant manual labor.

And they are subject to the whims and wants of the higher ranking human slaves on Pertz.

This book contains graphic sexual scenarios, BDSM themes like spanking and bondage, gay, lesbian, and straight sexual scenes, menage, anal sex and oral sex. There are a limited number of scenes containing non-eroticized nonconsensuality. Slaves on Pertz is intended for adult readers.

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“Leslie, undress me,” said Maia. She placed herself in the middle of the bed on her knees. Her head was just inches away from the short ceiling of the bedroom. The Jaigans wasted no extra material on a place they considered important only for sleeping.

Leslie’s hands were shaking as she pulled Maia’s blue tunic off her body, revealing the woman’s pert, succulent breasts. Though Leslie had seen Maia naked in the bathhouse before, it felt as though it was the first time she’d had the pleasure to see her perfect body. Her skin was so white, such a stark contrast to her black hair.

Pierce was pleased to watch his slave with Maia. He took a seat at the side of the bed and leaned back against the wall.

Leslie pulled Maia’s white pants down over her small but womanly hips. Maia lifted her knees, one at a time, to help the process along. Naked, Maia turned to Pierce.

“Now him,” she said to Leslie.

Leslie repeated the process on her Master as she’d done so many times before. Pierce’s body was so masculine and perfect that Leslie loved undressing him. His strength and his power on the compound were very attractive qualities for her. Being among the two of them, Maia and Pierce, and serving them… Leslie was trembling with excitement.

The small room was full of energy as the three shared the same sexual electricity. Maia carefully untied the leash from Leslie’s neck and used the same cloth to bind Leslie’s hands behind her back. Leslie did not resist being bound. No, she craved it. Her body immediately relaxed as her hands were taken from her and she waited, filled with anticipation, for what would be done next.

Maia snapped her fingers and pointed to the corner of the bed. Her face was stern and Leslie quickly obeyed. Awkwardly, she walked on her knees to the corner and knelt there, facing the center of the bed.

Pierce made the first move. He’d been dying to fuck Maia ever since he laid eyes on her. Yet, Maia was a top ranked slave and raping her would have severe consequences—possibly death. Now, because of his Leslie, he had Maia in his bedroom.

He scooted next to her and put his hands around her waist. She did not resist his advances. Instead, she kissed him. Maia’s tongue felt like silk against his. Her kiss was magic. Pierce pulled her naked body close to his, pressing his semi-hard cock against her hairless pussy and she moaned.

He broke away and gave her a grin. Whispering, so Leslie wouldn’t hear, he said, “I thought you only liked girls.”

“I love men,” she said, loudly, not caring if Leslie heard. “Men for their muscles, women for their brains, Pierce.”

Pierce laughed and swatted Maia’s ass, earning himself a penetrating glare from the dominant woman.

“Save that for your slave,” Maia said.

Both of them looked at Leslie who was trembling in her corner of the bed. Leslie was so full of lust she could barely handle herself. She wanted them to put their hands on her, use her how they wanted. But she kept quiet and stayed as still as she possibly could.

Maia saw right through the poor shaking girl. “I want to make her crazy, Pierce. Fuck me while she watches. Her pleasure can wait.”

Leslie made a whining noise and Pierce reached over to slap her tit. “Shut up, slave,” he said. He turned to Maia and, encouraged by the fact that Maia liked the strength of men, he flipped the woman onto her back and got in between her legs.

Maia didn’t resist. She spread her legs wide for him, holding onto her knees with both of her hands. “Fuck me,” she breathed.

Leslie watched in awe as Maia was manhandled by her master and fucked. She desperately wanted to rub her pussy but her hands remained firmly tied behind her back. She shifted her position a little so her knees wouldn’t be sore and found she could slightly rub her cunt against her own calf if she sat correctly. She did that and soon was humping herself while she watched.

Pierce turned to her and grinned when he saw what she was doing. “Look,” he said to Maia.

Maia smiled at Leslie. “Come here, slave,” she said.

Leslie knee-walked to Maia’s side and Maia put her fingers on Leslie’s dripping wet pussy.

“Rub yourself on me,” Maia said. “Don’t cum yet.”

Leslie moaned and rubbed herself on Maia’s hand. She was so close to orgasm but when she got to that magical edge she slowed herself down, saving herself for Maia just as she was asked.

Maia looked happy and relaxed as Pierce pounded her. She lay her head back and watched Leslie lazily as the slave-girl used Maia’s hand to get herself off.

When Pierce seemed to be close, Maia stopped him. “Leslie should lick me now,” she said.

Leslie’s heart was beating wildly when she took her position in between Maia’s legs. Maia’s pussy was wet and gaping from the fucking. Leslie inhaled deeply and smelled her master in the woman’s cunt. Suddenly Maia’s hands were in Leslie’s red hair, holding her face up to stare at her.

“Beg me,” Maia growled.

Inspired by Maia’s strict tone and eager to please, Leslie immediately complied. “Oh please, Mistress Maia, please allow me to lick your pussy. I’ll try hard to bring you pleasure. Please, I’d be so honored to lick your— oomph!”

Her words were cut off as Maia used her hands to force Leslie’s open mouth directly into her cunt.

From behind, Pierce was getting ready to have another fuck. He positioned himself against Leslie’s slit and his slave arched her back to give him good access to her glistening pussy.

“Maybe you should beg me, too,” he mused, slapping Leslie’s ass.

“Wait,” said Maia. “Untie her. I want her hands on me too.”

Leslie was grateful to have her hands back. She was licking her new mistress as delicately as she could and let her tongue be guided by Maia’s moans. Leslie drew little circles around her clit with the tip of her tongue. Maia gasped when Leslie inserted two fingers into her and arched her back when Leslie’s fingers curled around to feel for her g-spot.

Leslie was an inexperienced pussy licker, but she was experienced enough to provide pleasure to Maia.

Pierce slid his wand into Leslie’s aching pussy gently and fucked her with care. He didn’t want to fuck her full force and disrupt Leslie’s licking. He saw pleasure in Maia’s face and wanted his slave to do a good job. This night was about Maia more than anything. Pierce was thrilled to have Maia in his bed, and even more elated that he would not have to share Leslie with Lucas.

Maia’s eyes were closed and her face told Pierce that Leslie was doing a good job. He thrust deep inside Leslie and held her hips steady with his hand. With his other hand, he reached under his slave and felt for her firm little knob. When he found it, he flicked it just how he knew Leslie liked it and was rewarded by a muffled moan against Maia’s cunt.

Maia’s eyes flew open and she looked at Pierce. “Do that more,” she said with a husky tone.

Pierce needed no more encouragement than a request from the compound’s queen. He flicked and rubbed Leslie’s clit and watched in amazement as both women responded to his touch. His cock throbbed inside of Leslie’s clenching pussy as he pleasured both women with a single skilled finger on Leslie’s clit.

It was clear that both of them were close. Pierce pulled out of Leslie and used his hand to whack himself off while he used the other to diddle Leslie’s cunt. He watched in awe as Maia’s body stiffened and her back arched. She screamed in pleasure.

Maia’s pussy muffled Leslie’s orgasmic cries.

It was all too much for Pierce and he grunted loudly as he shot his seed all over Leslie’s back. After he milked every last drop from his cock, Pierce lay back in exhaustion and turned to look at Maia laying beside him.

Maia’s eyes were sparkling and she was staring at Leslie. Leslie had sat up and was kneeling in between Maia’s thin, white legs. Her face was covered in Maia’s juices. Pierce had never seen his slave look so satiated and happy.

“Come, lay with us,” Maia said.

They slept, Maia in the middle and Pierce and Leslie on either side.

Leslie dreamed of life back on Earth. Maia spent half of the night watching her new slave sleep.

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